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Welcome to my blog: WXY

Hello, my name is Xinyao Wang. I am a student from tourism program. I currently live in Montreal, Canada, but I am originally from Tianjin, China. Since I have been here for almost three years, I have knowledge on tourism. I love traveling, cooking, tasting the food and taking pictures.

I have been to Russia, Hong Kong, Inner Mongolia, Quebec City and Eastern Township.

Red Square, Russia
Bleu Lavande, Eastern Township

Gastronomy is one of my favorite parts during traveling. I am good at cooking Chinese food: noodles, fried rice, dumplings, etc.… In my free time, I go to Korean, Japanese and Asian restaurants with my friends.

Lan Zhou Noodles
Type of noodles in Tianjin
Cucumber with Shrimp Omelet, rice

Before I start my first blog post, I will briefly go over what WXY means and what will consist of. WXY is not only my short name but also stands for we & you. It means I want to share my experience related food and multi-culture. It is about food, culture, and people.

“Eating is the primary way of initiating and maintaining human relationships,” I read it once from Consuming Passions by Peter Farb and George Armelagos. Everyone (we and you) cannot leave eating. We all live in a culture of food: what we eat, where we eat, how we eat, and with whom eat. We taste different types of food around the world and meanwhile learn multi-culture about the world.

Although we have particular characteristic and behaviors, I am willing to discover and explore how multicultural stores and restaurants can affect our choices. And I’m ready to try the variety of cuisines and share them with you as well.

food, culture, and people

Food is culture; culture is a way of life of people.


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