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My Neighborhood

I live in the heart of Montreal. Montreal’s downtown (Centre-Ville) is the main commercial and business area, with a lot of restaurants, bars, supermarkets, stores and shopping malls.

Sources: Centre-Ville; Shopping street

Centre-Ville is alive at any time. People can enjoy their life: eating, drinking, shopping, sight-seeing and nightlife on weekends. Everything is closer together than other areas. Especially Saint-Catherine, which is a busy street, I can buy anything as walking on this street.


St Catherine


Meanwhile, Downtown is also home to the main campuses, which are Concordia University, McGill University, Montreal University, Dawson, and College LaSalle, etc.

Screenshot 2017-04-22 19.06.57.png

My natural environment is healthy because there are green spaces behind the apartment. My life in my neighborhood is rather harmonious and active. I can meet all kinds of people in downtown: students, workers, professionals, tourists, etc…



Living in downtown is very convenient for daily life. It is practical for taking a metro or bus as well.


Additionally, I can find different types of Asian food and restaurants. There are two Chinese grocery stores where I usually buy food: Bonjour Supermarché, and Sheng Tang supermarket.

There are also serval good Chinese restaurants surround my apartment, which are Délice oriental, Restaurant Petit Poisson Rose, Nos Thés et Cafés, etc. I can eat delicious traditional Chinese cuisines with my friends.

I love where I live in, and I am happy.



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