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Urban Ethnography: Librairie Espanol, Grocery

Last Friday, I went to a Spanish grocery with my other two colleagues. We found a diverse range of Spanish products and we were having a good time! 

Daphny, Yang and I

The grocery that we went is called Librairie Espanol, located in the heart of Montreal. It is a colorful but not that big grocery store. Those types of products import from Spain & South America.

In front of the store


I want to share five different specific products that we found in this store.

Horchata de Chufa de Valencia

Horchata de Chufa is a refreshing drink that most Spanish people love. It originated in Valencia, Spain. Chufa is called the unique tuber, which is the tiger nut. It is made using agua, proteínas de leche, and tiger nuts with white sugar. You must keep it in the refrigerator (-472c). 

I taste a little bit. I found it has a unique taste because of using tiger nuts (Chufa) inside. Furthermore, this type of drink is good for skin and hair. 

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(source: Spain’s Healthy Alternative to Ice cream: “La Horchata de Chufa” by Anne)

Navajas – Razor Clams

Navajas can is a kind of canned seafood. It originated from Galicia (Conservas de Cambados), which is located in Northeast Spain. It is made using Razo Clams, water, and salt. We can consume them straight out of the can or fry them with garlic. Razo Clams are not only eaten by humans but the place also an important role in sustainable harvesting.

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(source: Razor Clams and Aquaculture by Susana Darriba Couñago)

Iberico Bellota - Arturo Sanchez

Arturo Sanchez is one of the famous producers that makes the best Iberian pork. This type of dried meat originated from Candelario mountains, Spain. Iberico Bellota is called acorn Lomo (Pork Loin), which is made from Iberian pigs. The pork loin producer will have a long process to be done.

This product is well-known by the world. If you want to taste one Iberian pork product of purity and good flavor, this will be your best choice.  


(source: Arturo Sanchez: LOMO DE BELLOTA )

La Confitería Delaviuda – Pasteles yema

La Confitería Delaviuda is a confectionary store that originated from Toleda, Spain. You can find and try the most overall range of confectionary. They keep the traditional craftsmanship to show your original taste.

There is a special one that I found in this store, which is Egg yolk cakes, with 45% egg yolk, sugar and glucose syrup.

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(source: La Confitería company)

Goya Recaito

Goya foods are the largest food company that offer plenty of condiments from Latin America. Goya Recaito is a traditional Spanish cooking sauce. It originated from Valle de Mena, Spain.

As a unique cilantro-based seasoning, it is mixed goya sautés cilantro, green pepper, onion and garlic in soybean oil. When Spanish cook food, they will put this sauce in it to enhance the flavor of Spanish beans, rice, soups, or stews.


(source: Goya Intranet)

Most Spanish products originated from different Spanish regions and are influenced by multiple regional cultures.  


ADDRESS: 3811 Boul Saint-Laurent Montreal, QC H2W 1X9


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