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Vatel (2000): 17th century French food

When a movie and good food go together, people will be attracted by its culture phenomenon. A development of one country impacts on the rise and fall of the cuisine as well.

Vatel is about the royal life of 17th century in France. Describing royal cuisine is one of the most important parts to display on French culture.

VATEL, Louis XIV, 2000

NOW we go into the 17th century of France and explore their royal cuisine.

Most royal cuisine focus on its changing styles and fresh colors to display it’s delicious and unique. The chef mainly pays attention to following details of the preparation of their meal.

VATEL, 2000

Just like someone asks Vatel to make a masterpiece, “Have fruit and flowers in the color of flesh and blood” (movie, Vatel).

VATEL, 2000

Royal food is more exquisite and delicate.

Furthermore, food as a gift plays a significant role in conveying emotions. We can find out how Vatel (the chef) explores vary possibilities for food creations in the 17th century.

VATEL Making special food, 2000
VATEL, 2000

Since royalty has the supremacy power, it promotes the rapid development of various foods.

Therefore, in France, cooking was becoming an art form from the 17th century. If you ask me where we may eat the best cuisines, I will tell you that France is your first choice.

(source: VATEL 2000)


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