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Cabinet of Curiosities: Chinese artifacts and food culture

Since ancient times, there have been many typical artifacts and food item in China. I want to show you one artifact and one food item that I used to in daily life. 

Cane Wall Scroll Calendar

It is a calendar tool to record important festivals and activities. It originated from ancient China. Each type of calendar is with one picture and 12 zodiac animals. 

文件 2017-3-6 下午7 12 20

文件 2017-3-6 下午7 11 06

Now Chinese people use it to promote traditional culture. People of China usually hang one at home in the New Year. It symbolizes good luck, good health and brings wealth for families.

Chrysanthemum Tea

It is a type of Chinese tea that made from chrysanthemum flowers. This chrysanthemum tea appeared for the first time in Song Dynasty. It should be put in hot water and people can drink it when the color is from pale to bright yellow. 

文件 2017-3-6 下午7 11 29


Now chrysanthemum tea as a daily drink can make people relax. Chinese people usually drink tea after lunch. It is very useful for promoting a reduction of fever and helping prevention of a sore throat.

Hope you start liking Chinese culture.


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