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A Québécois restaurant : La Binerie Mont-Royal

This week I went to a traditional Québécois restaurant with my colleague Minshuo and my other two friends. It is my first time to go to a local québécois restaurant. I had a good tasty experience! 

照片 2017-3-23 下午8 51 33 (1)
The owner, Minshou, Xinyao and another friend

This local restaurant is called La Binerie Mont-Royal which has been open for almost 80 years (from 1938). Now the owner of the restaurant is an elderly couple.

It is not such big but has a good ambiance and comfortable atmosphere. The background music (Quebecois songs) makes the environment more enjoyable and soothing. It is more convenience to seat on the bar stool and communicate easily with the owner. On one wall is several pictures of describing the history and culture of La Binerie Mont-Royal.

照片 2017-3-23 下午6 45 53

照片 2017-3-23 下午6 48 39  照片 2017-3-23 下午7 41 14

I chose the Assiette Québécois Traditionnelle that the owner recommended. I tasted authentic québécois food including the soup aux pois, ragoût de boulettes et pattes, tourtière, fèves au lard and pudding chômeur.

照片 2017-3-23 下午7 09 05
Ragoût de boulettes et pattes, Tourtière

The meat (pork and beef) which mixed in the ragoût de boulettes et pattes and tourtière is imported soft but not greasy, with an endless savor. 

照片 2017-3-23 下午7 12 25
Fèves au lard

What I prefer is fèves au lard, which is baked and seasoned with maple syrup, so it is a little bit sweet but has a unique flavor. Baked beans are well-known by people, and they always eat it for breakfast.

照片 2017-3-23 下午6 54 24照片 2017-3-24 下午11 11 10

Pudding chômeur is a Quebec dessert, which is also called as a poor man’s pudding. It is an artifact of the Great Depression. 

In general, Quebec food is sweet and delicious.

Address: 367 avenue Mont-Royal Est, Montréal, QC
 Tél : 514-285-9078

Source: Labinerie Mont-Royal; Québécois food


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