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Walking rally – step by step through Old Montreal / Chinatown ​

It was a romantic drizzling morning on Friday, mixed into this peaceful world, the bleak sky was blue. My other two colleagues, Daphny, Amir, and I started our 2 hours walking rally in front of the Place D’Armes metro station. We all were excited to explore Montreal’s history and multicultural heritage while learning and thinking its meanings.

Source: Montreal Metro Plan, Place D’Armes

We followed one route through Old Montreal: towards Place D’Armes, which is the heart of the city. There are several monuments and historical buildings around it.

We found a monument dedicated the founder of Montreal, who was called Paul Chomedey de Maisonneuve.

照片 2017-4-7 上午8 58 11.jpg                                                        

Notre-Dame Basilica is opposite that monument. It is a famous and important church that has spiritual, historical and architectural significance. We were discussing the basilica and cathedral. We thought both of them are famous churches, but basilica may have a special meaning for humans.

照片 2017-4-17 下午9 31 48.jpg

We were continuing walking to Place d’Youville. We found a restaurant which is neither French nor English. It’s called Stash Café and offers traditional Polish dishes for clients.

照片 2017-4-17 下午9 32 28.jpg照片 2017-4-17 下午9 44 21.jpg

The endpoint in Old Montreal that we discovered was Place Royale. Three of us never known this place before. We spent more than 20 minutes finding this important public square, which was next to the Point-à-Callière. We found a monument and learned about this small square was the center of community life, may date back to the 18C.

照片 2017-4-7 上午9 28 16

After that, we went to Chinatown and explored entire different neighborhoods from Old Montreal. The entrance gate is the landmark of Chinatown, which was offered to Montreal from Shanghai. This arch represents this well-endowed region has brought forward men of talent. 

照片 2017-4-17 下午9 29 12

We just walked on La Gauchetière and found many Chinese, Cantonese and Vietnamese restaurants and supermarkets in Chinatown, such as Lanzhou noodles and Phó.

La Fondue Chinoise Mongalienne is a Chinese restaurant that we found. It’s also called Little Sheep. My other two colleagues told me that they knew this restaurant and tried Mongolian hot pot with their friends. They said it’s delicious.

照片 2017-4-17 下午9 34 44

Montreal’ Chinatown is the Montreal Chinese cultural and community center. It represents the Chinese and even Asian culture.

When we went back to the metro station, we all were tired and a little bit cold. I found it was not easy to explore the history in 2 hours. However, we were really euphoric to take beautiful pictures with my colleagues.

Just take the time to get to know this city-multicultural Montreal, you will love this city!

Sources: Old Montreal; Chinatown; Picture


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