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Walking rally – step by step through Old Montreal / Chinatown ​

It was a romantic drizzling morning on Friday, mixed into this peaceful world, the bleak sky was blue. My other two colleagues, Daphny, Amir, and I started our 2 hours walking rally in front of the Place D’Armes metro station. We all were excited to explore Montreal’s history and multicultural heritage while learning and thinking its… Continue reading Walking rally – step by step through Old Montreal / Chinatown ​

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Cabinet of Curiosities: Chinese artifacts and food culture

Since ancient times, there have been many typical artifacts and food item in China. I want to show you one artifact and one food item that I used to in daily life.  Cane Wall Scroll Calendar It is a calendar tool to record important festivals and activities. It originated from ancient China. Each type of… Continue reading Cabinet of Curiosities: Chinese artifacts and food culture

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Vatel (2000): 17th century French food

When a movie and good food go together, people will be attracted by its culture phenomenon. A development of one country impacts on the rise and fall of the cuisine as well. Vatel is about the royal life of 17th century in France. Describing royal cuisine is one of the most important parts to display on… Continue reading Vatel (2000): 17th century French food

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Urban Ethnography: Librairie Espanol, Grocery

Last Friday, I went to a Spanish grocery with my other two colleagues. We found a diverse range of Spanish products and we were having a good time!  The grocery that we went is called Librairie Espanol, located in the heart of Montreal. It is a colorful but not that big grocery store. Those types of products… Continue reading Urban Ethnography: Librairie Espanol, Grocery